old memories and new strokes

10 Nov

Last night, while hunting for a book for my elder son Divyansh, we chanced upon some old drawings of his. these were done when my nephews, Bobby (aged 10) and Nikku (aged 5) were visiting us in the winters of 2007. here are some of their work from that time – all of them are on cartridge paper. web-bobby-2007-dec

This was an illustration of a story which I was narrating to Bobby. The red marks are of course of the teacher in me!


This was Divyansh’s interpretation of the same story. Can you see the house in the green mist? he was using our good old poster colours and a round #10 sable hair brush


This one is Nikku’s interpretation of the same story. Of course they had a fight for the poster colours and the brush.. but in all they had a nice time.

that’s another story, that we never managed to locate the book we were looking for, as it was getting too late.


One Response to “old memories and new strokes”

  1. kavita November 14, 2008 at 2:27 am #

    the green art work is really quite beautiful… i love the blog… its nice and warm and gives an insight to yet another facet of you 🙂 keep posting!

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