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The last cup of tea

18 May

It is so strange – that feeling that Dad is not there with us any more, is something which is so strong… He is gone, but his presence is felt all around.

Tea Cup Coversations

When I make that morning cup of tea, and sit with the newspaper, I remember him each day… He was very fond of drinking tea and used to cherish his three cups of tea everyday.

Each doodle or sketch of a tea cup I draw, Dad, is for you.

conversations with Dad

This one is for you, Dad


musings of a lamy pen

25 Mar

ink (lamy) on 80gsm uncoated natural shade

a cup of tea and conversations

25 Mar

back to the drawing board / lamy and pikpens bold marker

understanding vulnerability for disaster risk reduction

12 Jun

well, this an old project which I was revisiting for a paper I am working on ‘visual perceptions’

I collaborated with an old friend of mine who is a qualified architect but a passionate illustrator, currently counting time as a e-learning expert.

check out the finals here . you can download the full pdf, and some more details of the project here.

The actual brief was to develop a set of 18 panels (due to constraints of space at the client’s training centre). however, better sense prevailed and within the same budget we worked out the panels, plus a booklet which is easy to read/browse. The icing on the cake is an accompanying DVD which has high resolution artworks – ready to print (upto 2’x3′) and also low res images which can be used for presentations on teh subject.

the verdict

28 May

the vacation is coming to an end…

time to move on to new matters, new verticals and newer horizons

new rapidographs and inks

6 May

. . . after a long time, I got the time to pull out my old rapidographs.

and yes, the handlebar moustache is growing 🙂

It was a pleasure to open them completely, leave them soaked overnight in diluted soap water and clean them up the next morning. Opening a rapidograph does not require to be a rocket scientist, but putting it back in the right order, without damaging the slender nib is a challenge.

I bought an orange and a brown ink. excited to use them frequently now that the vacations have set in 🙂

stress busters at the Doctor’s clinic(s)

26 Apr

Last week, while the interviews for the undergraduate admissions at NID were underway, I was also doing the rounds of the Doctor’s clinic(s) with various reports of both my parents. People – mostly patients, and their attendants were glued onto the TV set which was broadcasting the much hyped IPL cricket matches. I was content as I had a few scraps of paper and a new ball point pen with me.

joining the dots - Dr. Manoj Vithalani

It was hot (almost 43 degree Celsius) and humid with just a window and the fan in full speed, I did not notice the beads of sweat on my forehead, till a drop fell on the sheet. It was like meditation, oblivious of the outer world.

While I made almost a dozen waiting for my turn at two other doctors, I am sharing a few here…

joining the dots at Dr. Harjit Dumra's

another one at Dr. Dumra's