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understanding vulnerability for disaster risk reduction

12 Jun

well, this an old project which I was revisiting for a paper I am working on ‘visual perceptions’

I collaborated with an old friend of mine who is a qualified architect but a passionate illustrator, currently counting time as a e-learning expert.

check out the finals here . you can download the full pdf, and some more details of the project here.

The actual brief was to develop a set of 18 panels (due to constraints of space at the client’s training centre). however, better sense prevailed and within the same budget we worked out the panels, plus a booklet which is easy to read/browse. The icing on the cake is an accompanying DVD which has high resolution artworks – ready to print (upto 2’x3′) and also low res images which can be used for presentations on teh subject.


sneak preview : fresh on the press

2 Jun

my second calendar this year. can’t hold the excitement, this one is a single pager. still fresh and wet in the press.

a sneak preview

the first colour being perfected

2nd colour: not yet registered

printed in two spot colours (no pantone, we mixed the colours in the press) on 80 gsm SSP uncoated, on our inhouse single colour Roland Parva (1964 vintage). 1200 copies are going to be officially launched on the 14th June (new academic year at NID).

full story soon !