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of Van Gogh and Sun Flowers

1 Jul

Yes, I know, I know.. I am coming back here after a long time.. There were too many things being done, that the time to talk about them was not there..

today I am sharing a new artwork by my elder son, Divyansh. He has been asking me for a long time about the artist who painted ‘the scream’ (Edvard Munch) and ‘why another painter cut off his ear’. As I was too busy with office work and he went off to his grandmother’s place with his mom during the vacations, this question still remained unanswered.

On returning back from the vacations, while we were sorting and cleaning up the bookshelf, we stumbled upon a fat large book on the life and works of Van Gogh, ‘Van Gogh: Art, Life and Letters, by Bernard Zurcher published by Greenwich Editions, 1994’ We poured through pages after pages of his salivating work… and his amazing self portraits. What impressed Divyansh most were the sunflower series (not surprising for me, as he has grown up with images of sunflowers all around).

Eventually in the late evening, while we were cooking dinner, he drew his own version of Van Gogh’s sunflowers which was up on the dining room wall.

have a look – 


Divyansh_sunflowers_4in x 6in blue ballpoint pen

Divyansh_sunflowers_4in x 6in blue ballpoint pen

and here is the print of the original (this was gifted by close friends, Bhavna and Sudhir, way back in 1998.


Van Gogh's sunflowers, proudly on the main wall

Van Gogh's sunflowers, proudly on the main wall


drawing classes and the untrained eye

17 Nov

some more old drawings –

but these are not mine. Today, this boy is grown up and has his own business of travel agency.

It was 1995-96, in my final year at NID,

It had all started when on a hot summer afternoon, Himanshu and me were having bun butter at Delight bakery round the corner from NID. One gentleman approached us and asked whether we were from NID. On responding affirmatively, he wondered if we could teach drawing to his son (who was in class 6). We went and met him. Told him a rather funny amount ( which we thought was bizarrely high in those days), but he agreed.

And thus started the drawing classes which later scaled up to teaching him Science and Maths too.

here are some of his drawings – so fresh no? Just look at the quality of the strokes.



BTW, Himanshu, went on to train himself in basic armed defence. He used to attend the basic rifle course at Khanpur in the evenings, while I used to walk down to Paldi Bhatta every evening to give tutions. Himanshu is now in the advertising industry somewhere in the US.

Of course, the monthly earnings of Rs. 650 in those days was more than enough for me to take care of my monthly expenses.

old memories and new strokes

10 Nov

Last night, while hunting for a book for my elder son Divyansh, we chanced upon some old drawings of his. these were done when my nephews, Bobby (aged 10) and Nikku (aged 5) were visiting us in the winters of 2007. here are some of their work from that time – all of them are on cartridge paper. web-bobby-2007-dec

This was an illustration of a story which I was narrating to Bobby. The red marks are of course of the teacher in me!


This was Divyansh’s interpretation of the same story. Can you see the house in the green mist? he was using our good old poster colours and a round #10 sable hair brush


This one is Nikku’s interpretation of the same story. Of course they had a fight for the poster colours and the brush.. but in all they had a nice time.

that’s another story, that we never managed to locate the book we were looking for, as it was getting too late.