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re-fresh :: hand book binding

16 May

Summer vacations in between the academic year. Though the students are not on campus, there is ample administrative work to be finished. But I am so glad that I could take out some time and return to my old love for hand-book binding. It will not be wrong to say that I am returning to it seriously after almost a year (barring two large notebooks which I bound for my routine use – more on these later).

Meanwhile, enjoy the preview – there are five or six different designs – most of them stitched, but all in limited editions of 20 pieces (max 24), with customised hand drawn covers. All of them use uncoated paper and card including handmade paper.

Do watch out for the full batch to be released at NIDUS early june.


musings of a lamy pen

25 Mar

ink (lamy) on 80gsm uncoated natural shade

a cup of tea and conversations

25 Mar

back to the drawing board / lamy and pikpens bold marker

“If it feels easy, you’re probably not pushing the limits of what’s possible”

22 May

some more

7 Nov


Those were the days, when after graduating from the National Institute of Design (1997), and starting work as a design consultant in Ahmedabad, me and Ranjit were spending almost half a working day  house hunting. It was an experience when language barriers lead to amusing misunderstandings. Finally we managed to get a house on rent walking distance from the institute.

Looking for a house on rent these days has become so much more easier.