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re-fresh :: hand book binding

16 May

Summer vacations in between the academic year. Though the students are not on campus, there is ample administrative work to be finished. But I am so glad that I could take out some time and return to my old love for hand-book binding. It will not be wrong to say that I am returning to it seriously after almost a year (barring two large notebooks which I bound for my routine use – more on these later).

Meanwhile, enjoy the preview – there are five or six different designs – most of them stitched, but all in limited editions of 20 pieces (max 24), with customised hand drawn covers. All of them use uncoated paper and card including handmade paper.

Do watch out for the full batch to be released at NIDUS early june.


sneak preview : fresh on the press

2 Jun

my second calendar this year. can’t hold the excitement, this one is a single pager. still fresh and wet in the press.

a sneak preview

the first colour being perfected

2nd colour: not yet registered

printed in two spot colours (no pantone, we mixed the colours in the press) on 80 gsm SSP uncoated, on our inhouse single colour Roland Parva (1964 vintage). 1200 copies are going to be officially launched on the 14th June (new academic year at NID).

full story soon !

new rapidographs and inks

6 May

. . . after a long time, I got the time to pull out my old rapidographs.

and yes, the handlebar moustache is growing 🙂

It was a pleasure to open them completely, leave them soaked overnight in diluted soap water and clean them up the next morning. Opening a rapidograph does not require to be a rocket scientist, but putting it back in the right order, without damaging the slender nib is a challenge.

I bought an orange and a brown ink. excited to use them frequently now that the vacations have set in 🙂

from the treasure trunk

12 Dec

Well it is not actually a trunk, but I stumbled upon an old folder, while I was looking for some other papers in my cupboard. (that’s how it happens no?) When you look for something really hard, you often discover (nay. uncover) a lot of other hidden gems.

I don’t remember when I had done these – perhaps in late 2007 or even earlier. Most of them are on an A5 sheet on various papers .

One can’t sketch these before you start cutting the paper – the forms and the counter forms are created as you work along. This requires a bit of patience, but the results are enthralling (and surprising too). Enjoy

I really enjoyed going over them after such a long time – Perhaps soon, I shall take out time to do more of these…  the last one, and my favourite