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Love You Dad

23 Apr


Dad left for his heavenly abode on the night of 18th April 2012, after a brief, intense battle with Glioma (brain cancer). He left very peacefully at around 11.45 pm (at home), with me and my mother and my wife at his bedside at that moment.

A believer in hands on approach to solving problems, he was born in village Mahichal, Multan district (now in Pakistan). The entire family moved into India during the 1947-48 exodus following the partition. A self made man, he did his mechanical engineering at Mathura. I am proud that he was at Nangal, building the Bhakra Nangal Dam in the late 50s, before joining Steel Authority of India Limited at Rourkela Steel Plant, Odisha.

He was an animal lover and we had the spectrum of pets at home from cows to hens to rabbits and parrots, not to mention several dogs. He liked to spend his free time tending to his plants in the small kitchen garden we had. I remember the roses he grafted, with a red rose on one branch and yellow on the other. I owe my understanding of Botany and the plant kingdom to his passion for gardening.

A methodical person, he made sure I knew how to clean the spark plug and replace the spare wheel, before he taught me how to drive a scooter.

A loving Dad, he always encouraged me to pursue my dreams, even though he had other thoughts for his son.

Love you Dad !!!