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old is gold . . .

13 Nov

Browsing through my drawer in the office, i found an old work of mine. This was done sometime in 1997, for a report done by Unnati.

I still marvel at the hand drawn illustration and the simplicity of the concept brought out by the strokes.

Often I tend to wonder, what is technology doing to the visually creative? When I look around the work done by my students, a lot of it is actually defined by the limitations of the software they use. It is very easy to spot, whether they have used illustrator, or photoshop or corel draw. It is like the boundaries of creativity and the visual treatment are defined and limited by the kind of special effects a specific software has to offer.

Anyway, for the time being, enjoy the hand drawn cover page. It is done on tinted card paper using poster colour, intended to be printed in two colours using silk screen printing. I am surprised, the white has not lost its brilliance even after a decade!