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of Van Gogh and Sun Flowers

1 Jul

Yes, I know, I know.. I am coming back here after a long time.. There were too many things being done, that the time to talk about them was not there..

today I am sharing a new artwork by my elder son, Divyansh. He has been asking me for a long time about the artist who painted ‘the scream’ (Edvard Munch) and ‘why another painter cut off his ear’. As I was too busy with office work and he went off to his grandmother’s place with his mom during the vacations, this question still remained unanswered.

On returning back from the vacations, while we were sorting and cleaning up the bookshelf, we stumbled upon a fat large book on the life and works of Van Gogh, ‘Van Gogh: Art, Life and Letters, by Bernard Zurcher published by Greenwich Editions, 1994’ We poured through pages after pages of his salivating work… and his amazing self portraits. What impressed Divyansh most were the sunflower series (not surprising for me, as he has grown up with images of sunflowers all around).

Eventually in the late evening, while we were cooking dinner, he drew his own version of Van Gogh’s sunflowers which was up on the dining room wall.

have a look – 


Divyansh_sunflowers_4in x 6in blue ballpoint pen

Divyansh_sunflowers_4in x 6in blue ballpoint pen

and here is the print of the original (this was gifted by close friends, Bhavna and Sudhir, way back in 1998.


Van Gogh's sunflowers, proudly on the main wall

Van Gogh's sunflowers, proudly on the main wall


a tribute to Van Gogh

15 Nov

This series of illustrations have been made over the last 15 years, as my tribute to Vincent Van Gogh and his work.


dated 2001 on yellow paper used for X-ray films


same time, same paper, normal felt pens and a gel pen


this one too – same time, normal felt pens