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The last cup of tea

18 May

It is so strange – that feeling that Dad is not there with us any more, is something which is so strong… He is gone, but his presence is felt all around.

Tea Cup Coversations

When I make that morning cup of tea, and sit with the newspaper, I remember him each day… He was very fond of drinking tea and used to cherish his three cups of tea everyday.

Each doodle or sketch of a tea cup I draw, Dad, is for you.

conversations with Dad

This one is for you, Dad


a cup of tea and conversations

25 Mar

back to the drawing board / lamy and pikpens bold marker

“If it feels easy, you’re probably not pushing the limits of what’s possible”

22 May

from the treasure trunk

12 Dec

Well it is not actually a trunk, but I stumbled upon an old folder, while I was looking for some other papers in my cupboard. (that’s how it happens no?) When you look for something really hard, you often discover (nay. uncover) a lot of other hidden gems.

I don’t remember when I had done these – perhaps in late 2007 or even earlier. Most of them are on an A5 sheet on various papers .

One can’t sketch these before you start cutting the paper – the forms and the counter forms are created as you work along. This requires a bit of patience, but the results are enthralling (and surprising too). Enjoy

I really enjoyed going over them after such a long time – Perhaps soon, I shall take out time to do more of these…  the last one, and my favourite

yellow marker in a meeting

6 Jul

Hi. Last week, I was attending a very interesting meeting in the NID auditorium – there were almost 50 of us and the meeting was chaired by the Director of our institute. of course in such meetings, most of us listen as few of us go on talking and talking 😉

I had a yellow marker and a new black ball point pen (reynolds liquiflo). the combination was quite remarkable – flourescent, check these out


chai notes 7chai notes 6


of course, a lot of us were yearning for a cup of hot tea at the end of a tiring weekend and what was coming to my mind and flowing on the paper, were these – 

chai notes 8chai notes 9

and this one is inspired from street type – 

chai notes 10

that’s so much for now.. rest some other time.


oh yes, the red pen was borrowed from a colleague. The meeting of course ended on a high note with the subject of discussion being approved for implementation wef.

Sun Flowers and bottles…

1 Jul

For the first time I am sharing my own work on this forum.

Actually these are a little old, but very close to my heart. These are special, as they have all been drawn on moving vehicles – on flight/bus/indian railways, while I was traveling in the winters of 2006. Of course, some of the poster colouring was done waiting in the lounge or the platform..

so, here goes – 

Hope you enjoy these. do let me know your opinion 🙂

and yes, all of these are on even older yellow paper (used for X-ray films), which I picked up from Sunday Market, way back in 1996-97.


D 04_felt pens

D 04_felt pens


D 05_oil pastels & felt pen

D 05_oil pastels & felt pen


D 06_fountain pen & acrylic colour

D 06_fountain pen & acrylic colour


D 07_ink & oil pastels

D 07_ink & oil pastels

D 08_ink & oil pastels

D 08_ink & oil pastels

D 08 is on a Haryana Roadways bus !


D 11_ink & oil pastels

D 11_ink & oil pastels

This one is on a spicejet flight 🙂


D 13_ oil pastels & ink

D 13_ oil pastels & ink

a tribute to Van Gogh

15 Nov

This series of illustrations have been made over the last 15 years, as my tribute to Vincent Van Gogh and his work.


dated 2001 on yellow paper used for X-ray films


same time, same paper, normal felt pens and a gel pen


this one too – same time, normal felt pens