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batik print on paper?

14 Nov

yes, I was talking about the limitations of software in the conceptualization process yesterday. Today I am sharing two of my older works ( dating way back to 1992-93).

These look like the done int famous batik prints style (resist dye on fabric using wax to retain the lighter colours), typical of West Bengal in India and parts of Indonesia. But they are not batik prints. these are on done on paper using transparent photo colours. How?

first see the illustrations –


and here is the second one –


Guess how these are created? the technique?

yes, those days we used to get a petroleum based adhesive which was sold by the name of ‘rubber solution’. Not the one used in the leather industry. that one is yellowish. This one was more whitish, slightly translucent and used to paste paper. The best part of this adhesive was that if you want paste the sheets while the solution is wet, it tends to stick permanently. And if you let the rubber solution dry before pasting, it used to be temporary – one could peel the sheets off and remove the rubber solution by merely rubbing your fingers over it.

yes, these illustrations were made on paper by replacing rthe wax ( on fabric) with rubber solution. The drawing was made using rubber solution in a bottle with a noozle. Once you have the basic drawing done, apply colour. then draw again the parts which you want to retain in that colour. once it is dry, colour it in the darker colour and so on and so forth.

Once the image is finalized, just rub off the rubber solution and the illustration is ready. Bingo !

some more old work coming up in the next post –